Welcome to Candles In the Dark

Welcome to the campaign Candles in the Dark, a points of light setting for a D&D 4e campaign. The premise of this world follows the suggested ideals behind a points-of-light campaign from the core 4e D&D books. Much of the history, cosmology, and lore is the same.

However, it has its own unique flavor. In specific, there are no grand empires – that anyone knows of. After the fall of Nerath, any thriving civilization has been destroyed long ago. Any attempts to recreate the glory of old has been crushed by the forces of darkness and destruction.

Today, any kingdoms of any of the “good” races of the day would be considered more “pocket kingdoms,” rarely exceeding more than one city and a few outlying villages and farming communities. In much of the land, vast stretches remain uninhabited, dotted by the barren ruins of older civilizations.

Additionally, due to the constant destruction and attempts to rebuild, much lore and history has been lost. Therefore, very little is known anymore of the world at large. There are no libraries in the traditional sense, and a true book of ancient knowledge is of great value – to anyone who respects knowledge. A modern library, if you can call it such, may consist of perhaps a half dozen or so books, and would be considered a treasure trove by many lovers of lore.

While this specifically details human kingdoms, the same is essentially true of the other races. The Eladrin, Elves, and Dwarves have, perhaps, faired the best, but that is only by slim margins.

The Dwarves are somewhat xenophobic, and remain cloistered in their mining cities, rarely contacting the outside except to trade for necessary items they cannot produce themselves. As such, coupled with their pride, many Dwarven kingdoms have fallen to constant invasion by giants, orcs, goblins, and other abominations.

The Elves and Eladrin are in a similar position. Orcs and Goblins despise them as much as they hate Dwarves, and raid them as well. And while the Dwarves face the enmity of their old Giant masters, the Eladrin face off against the Formorians in the Feywild, and the Elves against the Drow here. Spread thin, and attacked on all sides, the Elves and Eladrin groan with the increasing stress on their lands, wondering if they will shatter like glass.

Rules of the Campaign

This campaign is a 4th edition D&D game. It uses the Players Handbook, PHB2, and the various Powers books, as well as most other published books for 4th edition. That being said, there are some restrictions… and since I may not catch every combination, be warned that I may have to rule out something after the fact.

Feel free to explore the rules of the campaign below:

  1. Race Choices
  2. Classes and Splatbooks
  3. Equipment and Magic Items
  4. Character Backgrounds
  5. Religion and Society
  6. Magic and Society
  7. Classes and Society
  8. The Starting Region

Welcome to Candles In the Dark

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