Magic and Society

As for magic: each culture views magic differently.

Elves, gnomes, and Eladrin are pretty accepting of magic, and it suffuses their society.

Humans run the gamut: divine magic is accepted virtually everywhere, within the limits of what gods they accept. Primal magic depends on the views of society versus nature, with more tribal peoples accepting them more than city dwellers: in cities, primal followers may be looked on with amusement or fear depending on the relationships of more primitive tribal peoples in the area.

Dwarves use less magic than the other races; Dragonborn and Tieflings tend towards the human norm, though Tieflings tend towards more magic use, and Dragonborn a bit less (with an even higher number of Tiefling Warlocks, and Dragonborn dragonmage sorcerers).

Half-Elves tend towards whatever society they live in, though they are a bit more magically inclined than humans. Halflings tend to the same degree as humans, perhaps a bit less in the arcane field.

Shifters tend more towards the primal powers, and divine a second runner, with arcane a distant third.

As for the acceptance of Arcane magic amongst humans, it varies wildly. Some view arcane power with suspicion and fear, while others accept it gladly, even encourage it. The norm tends to be that arcane magic is somewhat rare, people don’t understand it, and thus, while they do not actively try and discourage its practice, neither do they accept it with open arms, not knowing what to expect.

In general, though, magic is pretty rare of any kind. There are not many priests, for instance, who are magic-using clerics, nor are there many wizards, sorcerers, etc. In one of the common true cities of mankind, there may be a dozen arcane spellcasters, and another dozen or so divine ones. A village may have one or two. Elves, Eladrin, and Gnomes see a much higher number of magic-using types, however.

Meanwhile, Dwarves tend to simply snort and shake their head at arcane magic, have little interest in primal, but are quite accepting of divine magic.

Magic items are likewise rare, though alchemists who make potions and other one-shot items are the most common. There are no magic shops that will sell magic swords and the like due to their rarity, though if you want a custom item made for you, and you have residuum (or an item that can be disenchanted for the residuum), then one might be talked into making one for you.

Residuum is a necessary component for all magic item creation outside of the one-shot items. Residuum can only really be had by disenchanting other items… though it is said, once, long ago, that there was a way to create residuum without the need to disenchant other items first: this technique has been lost in the sands of time.

Magic and Society

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