Hit Points Below Zero

Currently, this is just a placeholder. I’ve never been really fond of “I’m going strong until I hit 0 hit points, then I’m flat unconscious.”

What ever happened to fighting on when injuries are slowing you down? When you are bleeding to death, and you still hurl yourself at the foe, trying to keep him from slaying the last hope for victory over evil?

So, what my plan is is to develop a kind of grievous injury rule. While I haven’t penned it down yet, the idea is that once you hit zero hit points, rather than simply have you fall unconscious and start making death saving throws, I’ll use some kind of system where you are limited in actions once hitting zero hit points, and further damage requires rolls on grievous injury tables that could result in things such as broken bones, lost limbs, and death.

And there would be treatments, both natural and magical, to heal such injuries.

Hit Points Below Zero

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